Formerly a high-flying executive and pragmatic serial entrepreneur in Europe, Asia and Australia, beginning in 2010 Mynoo Maryel (fka Mynoo Blackbyrn) experienced a series of spiritual awakenings and connected with the true mission of her soul. She entered periods of silence, during which what she now calls “downloads” — profound wisdom about restoring miracles, childlike wonder and sublime well-being to our lives — were revealed to her. She then undertook for herself what has now become The Journey Into MiraclesSM, actively applied the received wisdom to her own life and transformed, almost beyond recognition. Her own inner guidance has become her guru and guidestar, and her Journeys, for herself and with others, have been expanding ever since.


Mynoo is now the founder and visionary for The PoEM (The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles), a movement dedicated to making miracles the new norm. The PoEM’s initiatives include transformational media, vitality and wellness programming, lifestyle products and services and eco-luxury resort and retreat development.


It is Mynoo’s great joy to share what she has learned with the world, inspiring others to discover and refine their own inner guidance and trust that it is their best teacher ever, the “guru” they have long been waiting for. That trust in turn opens the way to a life full of miracles — those beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences that make our hearts sing, fill us with gratitude, and bring us truly alive.



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(It is also ideal for couples, families, partnerships and teams to do the Living From Source work together; feel free to contact us about creating a Living From Source program that includes a 3-day onsite immersive tailored especially for your group. Just say the word.)

About Mynoo Maryel


The Living From Source program, the foundation for the complete Journey Into Miracles, connects us with our essence, dismantles blocks, clears the runway and prepares us for takeoff into the joy-filled life we were always meant to live.  


What if we can actually live an extraordinary life where all aspects of our life can—and do— coexist harmoniously?


We can!


Are you:


at a crossroads or pivot point, where you must make a choice?


aware of having experienced repeating patterns in your relationships, patterns that seem dysfunctional and disempowering?


preparing to start all over again, and want to ensure that this time, a repeat of previous disappointments won’t happen?


longing to know why you are really here, what you’re here to do and/or make happen?


seeking a breakthrough in vitality, in your relationships, in your wellbeing, or in your prosperity, flow and abundance?


If you answered “Yes” to two or more of these questions, then Living from Source is for you.


If we’re human, most of us have experienced mysterious repeating relationship patterns in our lives, which seem only to reveal themselves in retrospect. These patterns emerge from an overarching subconscious imprint. Fortunately, there is a way to identify that imprint (we call it the Autopilot Default), to loosen its grip on our relationships and then liberate ourselves from its patterns.


At that point we are free to uncover our true Source: a wonderful, wonder-filled state of being, the way we most love to be with others.


Our Source is uniquely our own; it is nothing less than the mastery with which we were born. It is the essential gift that we bring to every relationship, just being who we are and how we are, effortlessly.


Each of us has our own true Source; it is as unique as a fingerprint.


Knowing it reframes our entire experience, allowing us to step into a new world, filled with joy and magic. (And yes, it was there all along. ☺ ) Applying our Source — actually living from Source — is the true homecoming. It's what happens after the Source revelation, as we go through the integration process and begin to embody our Source in our day-to-day lives.


Living From Source

is an 8-week program in four parts, consisting of:


Uncovering Your Autopilot Default: Private one-on-one consultation with Mynoo (2 hours; on Skype or Zoom. Do allocate 2 hours; the process can take as little as 45 minutes or up to 2.5 hours, it depends entirely on the individual.)


Money Autopilot: One of our most defining belief systems, and the one that most of us feel either separates us from or frees us to live the life we’ve always wanted to live, focuses on money. What have we made it mean? Why do we so often seem to desire more? And how do we shift ourselves, our lives and our world into real prosperity and abundance, Living from Our Source? (2 hours; on Skype or Zoom. Do allocate 2 hours; the process can take as little as 45 minutes or up to 2.5 hours, it depends entirely on the individual.)


Revealing Your Source:  This can be done either remotely, in a small group online or in person with Mynoo in a retreat setting. Though one-on-one is perfectly fine, we do encourage that wherever possible the Source revelation work be done with others present to witness it. It is ideal for couples, families, partnerships and teams to do this work together; feel free to contact us about creating a Living From Source program that includes a 3-day immersive for your group. (The revelation itself usually happens in a single 90-minute session, but occasionally may take up to 2 hours.)


Living From Your Source: This is the integration process: Now that you have your unique Source, how do you apply it, expand it and live it fully and authentically? It is a practice, to be sure; Integration takes place over the weeks and months following the initial work. We release our Autopilot as we embrace our Source, and our lives transform. The magic was always there, inside.  (Four 30-minute calls with Mynoo, following the revelation session.)


Contribution: US$6,000.00.


Click here to begin your journey into Living From Source. Only a very limited number of these one-on-one programs with Mynoo will be offered in 2016, so do reserve your space if you feel called to it. Your miraculous life is waiting for you!