If you are experiencing any of the following —


chronic health conditions that are depleting your life force


a lack of joy in your life


feeling “taken advantage of” or “taken for granted” in your relationships 


knowing there’s something blocking your fulfillment, but you just can’t put your finger on it


clouds of confusion 


missing romance in your primary relationship


constantly seeking fulfilling (or more fulfilling) relationships


a consistent undertone of anxiety and worry that you have trouble shaking off


trying your absolute best to keep moving forward and repeatedly feeling blocked or sabotaged


— then please consider this wonderful opportunity for a private Clearing Session with Mynoo. It is tailored to serve by removing any and all inner obstacles to your fulfillment, whether they are conscious or unconscious blocks.


Mynoo Maryel's personal spiritual journey has been full of its own dynamic twists and turns. By staying true to the course, she has been rewarded with special gifts and capacities that, to her surprise and delight, keep expanding. She has applied them first to transform her own life and then, from first-hand experience, to catalyze and support positive transformation in the lives of those around her.


When she first received the gift of connecting with her Source, along with it came the capacity to tune into people's fields, to identify any inner blocks to the fulfillment of their divine potential, and to be able to clear those blocks, quickly and permanently.


She was also given a unique understanding of how to harmonize the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness system in the human being, as well as how profoundly that harmony is connected to our enjoyment of fulfilling relationships and to the flow of real prosperity in our lives.    


Working with her guides and Masters on her own state of physical wellness, Mynoo has successfully transformed herself, becoming free of several chronic conditions.  


She has since supported many, many people in releasing negative energies from their fields, whether they were hooks, shackles, cords, blockages, uninvited guests or misalignments of any kind. (Whatever they were, they're now gone!)


As a result people have


transformed their relationships for the better


achieved crystal clarity where there has been confusion


released stubborn barriers to prosperity


reclaimed the flow of abundance


dramatically improved their vitality and life force


transmuted chronic conditions into vibrant health


accelerated their recovery from medical procedures


returned to their innate happy state


— all within one session!


Mynoo is sharing this gift with a limited number of invited guests. Given her schedule, she will not be able to offer this work personally, one on one, for much longer. This is a fabulous opportunity.


So if you feel drawn, please do not hesitate. Avail yourself of this beautiful gift to yourself and book your session now.


Clearing and Dissolving

Whatever Remains in the Way


with Mynoo and the Masters on this Plane and Beyond


Formerly a high-flying executive and pragmatic serial entrepreneur in Europe, Asia and Australia, beginning in 2010 Mynoo Maryel (fka Mynoo Blackbyrn) experienced a series of spiritual awakenings and connected with the true mission of her soul. She entered periods of silence, during which what she now calls “downloads” — profound wisdom about restoring miracles, childlike wonder and sublime well-being to our lives — were revealed to her. She then undertook for herself what has now become The Journey Into Miracles(sm), actively applied the received wisdom to her own life and transformed, almost beyond recognition. Her own inner guidance has become her guru and guidestar, and her Journeys, for herself and with others, have been expanding ever since.


Mynoo is now the founder and visionary for The PoEM (The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles), a movement dedicated to making miracles the new norm. The PoEM’s initiatives include transformational media, vitality and wellness programming, lifestyle products and services and eco-luxury resort and retreat development.


It is Mynoo’s great joy to share what she has learned with the world, inspiring others to discover and refine their own inner guidance and trust that it is their best teacher ever, the “guru” they have long been waiting for. That trust in turn opens the way to a life full of miracles — those beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences that make our hearts sing, fill us with gratitude, and bring us truly alive.


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reactivate • regenerate • revitalize • revive

and come alive!

About Mynoo Maryel

During the session you and Mynoo will:


identify what the obstacles are in your field, understand how they are affecting you and overcome them


uncover and release any shackles, energetic hooks, parasites or uninvited “guests” that may be compromising your innate vitality and clarity


unveil self-sabotage programs that have been diminishing your chances of sustainable success


release all forms of lower energetic vibration, whatever is preventing you from achieving a state of optimum vitality


return you to a state of harmony in your physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual being


free you to allow the healthy flow of abundance — love, romance, health, purpose and prosperity — back into your life



Depending on your unique situation, your initial session may be brief or it may be longer. A full 2 hours is allocated; however, please note that it may take far less time to complete the work. (Time is relative, of course, and far less important than the intention you and Mynoo jointly set for the session, and the quality of that time together!)


Clearing Sessions with Mynoo and the Masters are normally done one time only. Mynoo may, however, be called to work with someone a few times. If this is the case for you, she will let you know during the initial session.


Sessions are held via Skype or Zoom. The contribution is US$600. Some in-person sessions are available whilst Mynoo is in Bali and Dubai; just note when you register that you are local and we will let you know. 


We encourage booking your session as soon as you feel called to do so, as only a limited number of them will be available. Mynoo will be shifting away from one-on-one sessions and into group work only very soon.