We have already crossed through the "eye of the needle" and have now entered into a new realm, one that is illuminated and powered by divine light.  


In this realm the transformation of the planet is being accelerated and the metaphysical is coming to support the physical in ways that have not occurred before.  Certain souls (you will know who you are!) are being called to be blessed by a unique opportunity to share and plug into this connection between the realms.  Mynoo Maryel has stepped forward to take this gift to those who desire it, and who wish to receive this new "diksha".  


This is your invitation. Meet the Ascended Masters who will accompany you on your journey, and receive their specific guidance for you as the year before you unfolds.  Gifts of cosmic wisdom, insight, and practical tools for your life will be shared, and you will have the opportunity to make your own connection to the powerful metaphysical team that has gathered to be of service to you, in service to your personal intentions. 






Mynoo Maryel was first blessed in her own unique connection with the Masters on 11/11/11 on Mount Shasta, California, one of the great spiritual power centers on Earth. More recently, she received another enlightening blessing during her visit to Haridwar on the sacred banks of the RIver Ganges in India, on Christmas Eve of 2015. And as the clocks struck midnight on New Year's Eve she was lifted into a cosmic dance by St. Germain, who guided her to share this service with those who step forward to receive it.


During the session you will meet and connect with your own team of Ascended Masters as well as with other cosmic energies that are supporting the realization of your heart's truest intentions.  They are a powerful extension to your existing team, and you can call upon them for support as the year unfolds and you venture more deeply into your onward journey.  


You will also have the opportunity to receive answers and guidance specific to your own circumstances.


Sessions will be held via Zoom or Skype. Contribution is US$200. Some in-person sessions are available whilst Mynoo is in Bali, Dubai or London; just note when you register that you are local. 


Those who desire the blessing of this guidance will know instantly that they do. We encourage booking your session as soon as you know, as only a limited number of these connections are being made available.






About Mynoo Maryel















Formerly a high-flying executive and pragmatic serial entrepreneur in Europe, Asia and Australia, beginning in 2010 Mynoo Maryel (fka Mynoo Blackbyrn) experienced a series of spiritual awakenings and connected with the true mission of her soul. She entered periods of silence, during which what she now calls “downloads” — profound wisdom about restoring miracles, childlike wonder and sublime well-being to our lives — were revealed to her. She then undertook for herself what has now become The Journey Into MiraclesSM, actively applied the received wisdom to her own life and transformed, almost beyond recognition. Her own inner guidance has become her guru and guidestar, and her Journeys, for herself and with others, have been expanding ever since.


Mynoo is now the founder and visionary for The PoEM (The Palace of Extraordinary Miracles), a movement dedicated to making miracles the new norm. The PoEM’s initiatives include transformational media, vitality and wellness programming, lifestyle products and services and eco-luxury resort and retreat development.


It is Mynoo’s great joy to share what she has learned with the world, inspiring others to discover and refine their own inner guidance and trust that it is their best teacher ever, the “guru” they have long been waiting for. That trust in turn opens the way to a life full of miracles — those beautiful and awe-inspiring experiences that make our hearts sing, fill us with gratitude, and bring us truly alive.


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