The POEM Model: Overview


Predominantly experience-based, our consistent focus is on creating experiences of Life's Magical for our clients, partners, participants and communities — locally, regionally and worldwide.


The POEM's core Palace concept is one of significant scope; it is both deep and broad, encompassing a number of areas we call "pathways to miracles."



The Pathways of The POEM

The Pathways include:


• POEM Estates

Eco-Luxurious Real Estate

Wherever we locate, we consider ourselves stewards of the land and contributors to the surrounding community. Our design and building techniques employ state-of-the art sustainability systems and materials, without sacrificing luxury.

Sale and or sale/leaseback opportunities for our sustainable 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom and deluxe villas

Fractional opportunities in our all-suite, boutique eco hotel and conference centers and detox retreats

Direct purchase opportunitis for units in our Rewirement (who retires anymore?) Sanctuaries


• POEM Resorts

Experience-based Resorts & Spas

Short- and long-stay accommodations: weekly, monthly, sometimes longer
Comprehensive wellness protocols and packages


    PoEM in the Rainforest: Bali, Indonesia
    PoEM at the Beach: Florianòpolis, Brazil
    PoEM in the Desert: UAE
and Southern California


• POEM Journeys

Transformational Experiences

The centerpiece of our Journeys Pathway is The Journey Into Miracles, a 9-day life and spirit reorientation program

Our onsite Regenerative programs maximize health in body, mind, heart and spirit

There are also specific retreats and in-depth transformation intensives, led by our faculty of Visiting Masters from around the world


• POEM Naturals

Bodycare and Lifestyle Products

The purest, most natural, health-restoring and vitality-enhancing products anywhere, brought together under The POEM brand.


• POEM Gardens

Beautiful edible landscapes and orgasmically delicious foods. This is not just for our resort and retreat experiences; it's something we'd like to see happening everywhere.


• POEM Innovation Lab

Our lab brings together solutions for sustainability, prosperity, wellness and thriving from across disciplines, tests technologies and approaches and applies them in the real world. The Lab reinvents the think tank model, and includes thought-leading summits, hands-on trainings, research initiatives, educational programs and media production.


• POEM Community Programs

Hospitality, Eco Architecture & Eco Agriculture trainings, supporting the development of thriving EcoTourism regions, in harmony with local culture and ways. Initiatives to support the education and health of families in our surrounding communities.


• POEM Online

Our online community and geographically-independent initiatives — the PoEM Tribe's experience of Life's Magical continues online. :-)




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