The POEM Resort experience is a powerful way to leverage development of thriving Ecotourism Regions throughout the world.
What is an Ecotourism Region?
An Ecotourism Region is a geographical area where environmental balance, economic sustainability, social inclusion and spiritual harmony are in balance, ensuring that the resource use meets the needs of the community, government, investors and visitors while preserving the environment and developing and supporting the economy for future generations. We believe that a balanced Ecotourism Region is an achievable ideal. It requires structured guidelines, education, communication and the proactive involvement of all stakeholders.

We believe that development which is in balance with the environment is not only achievable, it's within our grasp, today. Cultivating and rehabilitating the environment for future generations is simply imperative. We share a common goal of working to protect and restore the biodiversity and ecological systems of regions within Indonesia, as well as in any location where we might create a POEM Resort experience.

We are committed to adopting and promoting sustainable practices of production, consumption and building. We support development that brings about sustainability of the food supply; ecosystem rehabilitation; management of water resources & sanitation; and increased access to sustainable energy sources. In order to achieve this aim, through our Innovation Lab we welcome open knowledge exchange in areas such as architectural design, building practices, sustainable farming and forestry, recycling materials, water purification and responsible waste management systems, and the like. We are committed to providing and promoting education in all these areas.
Economic Sustainability
Economic growth that is fair and equitable is essential to empowering individuals and creating equal opportunities for all.  Our aim is to develop economically viable ecosystems that are in equilibrium with basic ecological support systems. The lifeblood of a sustainable Eco Tourism Region is a local economy that is viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible.

All stakeholders should participate in identifying existing and appropriate new industries and design and implement practices to achieve sustainable economic growth in each.  Key sectors include tourism, farming, food production, forestry, industry and technology. As a primary segment of the economy, tourism requires special attention. The provision of unique visitor experiences by a variety of operators who uphold the guidelines of sustainability practices is at the heart of ensuring that an Eco Tourist Region remains a popular destination and thereby its economic surety.
Social Inclusion & Cultural Awareness
The fundamental guidelines underlying The POEM's development plans focus on eliminating the barriers to participation and ensuring that all people, regardless of background, race, language, social status, spirituality or culture are able to participate equally in society. Social inclusion does more than simply create harmony.  People are an invaluable wealth-generating resource, in all regards, not merely economic.  And empowering people through meaningful education and relevant employment is essential to creating prosperity.

Empowering individuals is essential to the success of an Eco Region. Fostering community participation and consultation are key to social harmony. Respect for cultural and spiritual differences is required. We place culture at the heart of our development processes.

The POEM team is committed to whole community involvement. We work with federal and regional government bodies, as well as local community groups to develop a platform for equitable, culturally & spiritually rich, sustainable development practices.

Cultural diversity is key to achieving an emotionally, morally, intellectually and spiritually rich existence. It cannot be denied that culture shapes development and determines its sustainability. Through the cultural elements of creativity, knowledge and diversity society can progress in peace, growth and freedom. We realize the intrinsic value of freedom of cultural & spiritual expression in the forms of heritage, creativity, arts & crafts and cultural tourism to sustainable development.
The POEM values intercultural dialogue and views creativity as the key nutrient in social and economic development. We believe that regional and local governments that work towards developing policies that meet the needs of the present without compromising future generations are to be praised. We actively seek out such regional partners.
Spiritual Harmony
Spirituality means different things to different people. In our case it is creating a platform and ethos that respects, includes and gives benefit to a multitude of participants. A “one-ness” – win-wins that include people, plants, animals and our environment as well as our consciences.
We on The POEM team are particularly enamored of the Balinese Tri Hita Karana approach to life, which prioritizes our relationships over all: our relationship to the Divine, however we choose to define it; our relationship to our fellow beings, our human family; and our relationship to nature, and all that the Earth provides. It is The POEM's core intention to be a blessing in all these regards; we know that real prosperity will ensue for all who do the same.




















[adapted with permission from our friends at Eco Regions Indonesia]

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