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The PoEM Models


Predominantly experience-based, our consistent focus is on creating experiences of Life's Magical for our clients, partners, participants and communities — locally, regionally and worldwide.


Our Business Model:


  • is to recover our costs from fractional sales, freehold sales, leasehold sales, room rentals & spa usage;


  • is to grow our profits from residential programs, wellness and health protocols and products;


  • is to leverage the growth of our assets, providing sustainable growth that leads up to an IPO at the optimal opportunity


thus fully integrating real estate, hospitality and health resort models whilst leveraging worldwide keen (and timely) interest in sustainability/regeneration technologies, social and environmental impact, wellness and personal transformation.


Our strategy builds strength upon strength; for example, our Bali project begins with a low development cost, high-margin 1 hectare Detoxification Centre, which in turn supports the simultaneous development of our 5 hectare Retirement Sanctuary and 18 hectare Resort Estate. We plan to be operational on the Detox Centre at the same time as we are building the larger developments. Our architectural and design team’s approach achieves efficiencies not often even considered, by beginning the conversation at the current state-of-the-art, and creating our own standards by elevating from that point. And we will apply our “PoEM to market” strategy, offering and branding our unique products and services well in advance of opening any of our resort estates.


Our Operating Model:


  • brings together some of the world's best masters and leaders in integrated health, wellness, personal transformation, eco-architecture and sustainability to create environments and experiences that deliver unprecedented results;


  • is driven by a world class team of finance, commercialization, branding and marketing experts, all preparing the business for a successful IPO at every stage


What We Actually Deliver:


PoEM Bali, in Tabanan Hills, Bali:



• 20 rooms in the Detox Centre; 50 villas in the Rewirement Centre; and on the 18-hectare themed destination resort development, 242 rooms in 112 Villas and a boutique, five-star 48-room hotel and conference facility.  All are meticulously designed utilising leading-edge, sustainable materials, energy generation and waste management systems, incorporating a unique eco-architecture aesthetic with luxurious fittings and the comfort of a 5-star hospitality experience. 


World class rejuvenation- and regeneration-focused health diagnostics and programmes

• Comprehensive, holistic intake process • Functional diagnostics for organs and systems • Blood chemistry panels • Stress assessments • Bioenergetics • Dynamic life balance analysis


Health and wellness protocols

• Anti inflammatory • Rejuvenation & Relaxation • Chronic health condition reversal • Restorative care • Preventive care • Weight release • Reversing stress, anxiety and depression • Behavioral issues • Resolving relationship breakdowns • Vibrant Vitality™ and longevity programmes • Detoxification protocols • Beauty and youthfulness • Journeys Into Miracles


Green and sustainable living 

Guests will have indoor and outdoor experiences of regenerative architecture and design, including ultra-green building materials, our beautiful edible landscapes, sustainability systems and educational programmes


• Themed healing villages: featuring healers, products and produce from specific regions of the world

• Specially-designed food and beverage menus: sourcing organic produce grown on our land, and from nearby organic growers

• Natural beauty and health products: including many of the herbs and plants grown locally and on our land



PoEM Brazil in fabulous Florianòpolis, Santa Catarina,  Brazil:


The PoEM overlooking the ocean in Florianòpolis has identified the ideal land for its concept.  Spread out over 17 beautiful hectares with ocean views on all sides, the land lends itself perfectly to a spectacular themed experiential wellness resort estate, with:

• 104 luxurious villas

• A 50 all-suite, 5-star hotel, conference and innovation centre

• 50 units for the Retirement Sanctuary

• 8 spectacular wellness spas

• World-class holistic medical practitioners, therapists, healers, thought leaders and integrated medical protocols and programs.


Embedded harmoniously into the surrounding landscape, PoEM Brazil is designed to

• Focus on nature

• Be sustainably off-grid and ecologically friendly

• Rejuvenate body, mind, heart and soul

• Take us back to source, the wellspring of well-being


Future expansion:


The PoEM intends to develop a portfolio of integrated eco luxurious health resort estates in several key destinations around the world. This will open up new opportunities for investors and bring us ever closer to our growing tribe of those seeking holistic wellness, personal transformation and rejuvenation solutions worldwide. Destinations presently on our radar include Indonesia, Brazil, the Middle East, North America, Mexico and Australasia. At every location, we provide custom-tailored wellness experiences in spectacular Palaces, each in their own unique Garden of Eden.


What is currently in place:


  • Team. Our team is world class, with:


Business experience in real estate, hospitality, holistic health and IPOs,  delivering exceptional returns to investors

Hospitality experience in owning, running and building luxury resort estates

Medical spa experience in building and running exclusive holistic medical resorts with long waiting lists

Holistic wellness experience in providing natural health and wellness services; practitioners and masters with a consistent track record of success in transforming physical, medical, chronic, emotional and spiritual issues

Sustainability/Green building experience in building sustainable green, eco and luxury buildings with health-infusing building materials and minimum carbon footprints

Project Management experience in managing large-scale resort and mixed-use developments, within budget and timescales

Brand-building and marketing experience in creating infectious, irresistible brands with a widespread following, magnetizing ideal clients and turning them into raving fans


  • Finance and Structuring. IL&FS, a well-respected consortium of 8 banks and financial institutions, is leading the financing for the PoEM, as well as serving as our financial advisor and structure consultant


  • Branding. Magma Consultants JLT is our resort specialist & brand development partner; clients include Kempinski and other world-class hotel companies


  • Readiness. For the Bali project:

     1-, 5- and 18-hectare sites, plus 20 additional hectares optioned in the surrounding vicinity

    Master plan and architectural designs developed by local architects, supported by a world-leading consulting, operations and spa team

    Environmental impact studies, zoning applications and building permits are largely in place

    Architectural design plans, engineering, mechanical and technical plans, as well as geological surveys are complete, many with approvals

    Local government and community support secured

    Site office under construction

    Sales office open in Seminyak, Bali, with proven track record on complementary projects

    Selection of construction company pending funding timing confirmation

    Management, development and operational planning well underway