Pathways of The PoEM

The PoEM's core concept is one of significant scope; it is both deep and broad, encompassing a number of areas we call "pathways." The PoEM Pathways include:


Eco-Luxurious Real Estate

Wherever we locate, we consider ourselves stewards of the land and contributors to the surrounding community. Our design and building techniques employ state-of-the art sustainability systems and materials, without sacrificing luxury.

Sale and or sale/leaseback opportunities for our sustainable 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom and deluxe villas

Fractional opportunities in our all-suite, boutique eco hotel and conference centers and detox retreats

Direct purchase opportunities for units in our Rewirement (who retires anymore?) Sanctuaries


The PoEM Resorts

Experience-based, themed wellness destination resorts 

PoEM Resorts go beyond the state-of-the-art in these sustainable, eco-luxe and transformation-themed wellness-focused destinations. A magical wonderland environment, designed to amplify and optimize well-being in every regard, keeps us connected with the natural world whilst providing sumptuous appointments (beautiful edible landscapes, completely customized and personalized Journeys and uplifting, inspirational spaces). Medium- and long-stay accommodations are weekly and monthly (depending on protocol selected).

Resort accommodations are 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and Presidential villas.


Locations in development
    Bali, Indonesia
    Florianópolis, Brazil

The PoEM Journeys

Transformational Experiences

Based on the body of work developed by Mynoo Maryel, the centerpieces of our Journeys Pathway is The Journey Into Miracles, a 9-day life and spirit reorientation program that is built on the 7 Pillars Program, and Living From Source, a weekend retreat program.

Our onsite WellBeing Programs, focusing on chronic ailment reversal and rejuvenation, harmonize wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We also offer specific custom-created retreats and in-depth transformational intensives.


PoEM Sparks

Experience-based, themed wellness destination spas

Mini versions of the destination experience, bespoke Journeys take place in both residential and non-residential spas.


Locations in development
    Aspen, Colorado
    Florianópolis, Brazil


PoEM Naturals

Bodycare and High Vibration Lifestyle Products

The purest, most natural, health-restoring and vitality-enhancing products anywhere, brought together under The POEM brand.


PoEM Media/PoEM Wisdom 

The Inspirational Work of Mynoo Maryel

Audio, video, text and interactive programs, products, books, apps and courseware, featuring the wisdom of Mynoo Maryel. 


PoEM Design


Uniquely PoEM style; leading-edge design in apparel, jewelry, furniture, fixtures and homewares


PoEM Innovation

Lab/Media Center

Our lab brings together solutions for sustainability, prosperity, optimum wellbeing and human potential science from across disciplines, and applies them in the real world. Designed as a living engine for applied innovation in sustainability and creativity, the Lab completely reinvents the think tank, and hosts thought-leading summits, hands-on trainings, research initiatives, educational programs and media


PoEM Community

Outreach Programs

These will vary by location, depending on where we can best serve, and how. Eco-architecture & eco-agriculture trainings will always be offered free for locals. One of our teammembers has just completed a successful straw-bale construction project in a village in East Bali, teaching the building methods using local rice straw and creating a small-scale coconut products factory that will employ dozens of local people.


PoEM Tribe

Staying Connected

Our online community and other geographically-independent initiatives — the experience of Life's Magical continues online. :-)