The POEM has a “Living in the NOW” culture, which is experienced through our architecture, agriculture and community, as well as through the opportunities for personal and environmental transformation we offer.

The basis for this new culture is the awareness that the biggest mountains of garbage in the world appear in the heads of people. This trash can be transformed into treasure.


The POEM has been specifically designed to eliminate the rubbish cluttering peoples' spiritual, emotional, personal and professional lives; simultaneously turning the problem of environmental mountains of garbage into gold, all in a sustainable and lasting way.

Our mission is for people to expect and accept miracles all around them in key areas of their lives, and for this way of living to become the norm.

The POEM uses the “Flower of Life” and the Fibonacci sequence as both its architectural grid and the core equation guiding  the design of our buildings and facilities.

We utilize permaculture principles and incorporate other organic forms of farming to produce beautiful edible landscapes, cultivating foods that taste so exquisite, they're orgasmically delicious.


The POEM resort locations are specifically chosen, then designed and built to optimize sustainable results in transformation -- in people’s lives, in the environment, in the quality of foods, in products and services. In this way we maximize the ROI to our investors, clients and collaborators.

Everything about The POEM reconnects us with the magic of life.

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