The PoEM


The Palace Of Extraordinary Miracles (The PoEM) is creating the most luxurious, sustainable and regenerative holistic health resort estates in the world, setting fresh standards in green design and construction, hospitality and wellness, elegance and innovation.


Combining eco-tourism with optimum health, sustainability and luxury, the PoEM movement begins as a global network of experiential and ecological destination resorts, designed to transform environmental, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  


Our global team of experts in wellness, sustainability, hospitality, holistic health and brand creation have come together from five continents to form the PoEM. Ultimately, our goal is to create an iconic global lifestyle brand, wherein life's magic is restored and the miraculous becomes the norm. 


Our intention is to encourage vibrant, thriving ecotourism regions around the world, and to model that not only can luxury, sustainability and wellbeing coexist, they are naturally complementary. 

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